Green & Pink


Holy guacamole guys! Can you believe it’s already March? Where did January and February go?!

I’m never sure if I actually like spring or not. I don’t mind the cool temperatures since I’m definitely a cold-weather bird, and I also love the rain. What I am not a fan of however are the allergies that do their best to kill me this time of year. Everyone else sees the pretty buds popping up and the flowers that get stocked in the stores and they say “Ooo, pretty!” Whereas I see them, start sneezing, and sneezing, and sneezing some more all while frantically trying to find the package of Kleenex I keep in my purse.

I’ve been sneezing while writing this. Not even kidding guys.

It has begun…

ominous background music begins to play


You’re getting off topic Jamie…

Anyways, who here loves cargo jackets? I definitely do. I’ve never really gotten on board with the jean jacket trend, I always feel like the arms are too stiff for me to move around in. The cargo jacket trend however is definitely one I can get behind, especially after finding this jacket last fall. It’s lightweight enough that I don’t feel weird wearing it around indoors in place of a blazer, but it also does a pretty good job of keeping the chill out when you’re outside. I also love the little drawstring detail at the waist area. Anything that lets you accentuate your figure is okay in my book.


Also, you need these shoes in your life. They’re super comfy, and the pink is perfect for this time of year. In fact, I think this color combo of green and pink might be my favorite right now.

Jacket: Target (similar here, and here) / Top: Charming Charlie (similar here, here, andΒ here) / Jeans: Old Navy (similar) / Shoes: Target (exact)




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