Back to Basics


My outfit today was for running errands, and it’s pretty basic. But basic isn’t bad. Why does it seem nowadays that basic has negative connotations associated with it? Some of the best outfits can be made up of basic pieces that almost everyone has in their wardrobe.


Case in point: this outfit. It’s not much, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s cute and comfy and perfect for errand-running. Granted, I added a little something extra with the scarf and vest, but it’s still a very simple outfit made up of wardrobe basics. Almost everyone has a pair of jeans and at least one long-sleeved tee.


And I can not say enough good things about these ankle boots, which I jokingly call my “hipster shoes.” I think they’re my favorite pair of shoes to be honest, and I own a LOT of shoes. One of these days I’m going to do a post all about ankle boots and how to wear them, but if you’re in the need of a good pair right now then get some like these. They’re cute, super comfy, and extremely versatile. It’s funny but when I bought them over four years ago I hardly ever wore them. That was before I truly understood how to style ankle boots. Now, I wear them constantly. They’re the best!

I think that’s all for this post. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with being, or dressing, “basic” 🙂

Top: Target (same in turquoise and purple, similarsimilar) / Jeans: Old Navy (similar, similar) / Vest: Murdoch’s (similar) / Scarf: H&M (old, similar, similar ) / Shoes: DSW (old, similar)

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