Hiking is Fun

Holy crow you guys! I am so sorry that it’s been forever and a day since my last post. My only excuse is that I was busier than I thought I’d be during the holidays. And I caught a bad cold, which is never a good thing. I’m back though, so hopefully we can continue with our regularly scheduled blogging.


A good friend of mine, we’ll call her C, and I went hiking on this nearby trail today and hoo-boy was it a toughy for me. You never realize quite how out of shape you are until you’re walking up and down hills, all while carrying on a conversation about anything and everything. You would think that breathing while talking is easy. It’s not.

I got really excited when C asked last night if I wanted to join her on a  morning hike today. For Christmas I got this awesome top from my Grandma from Eddie Bauer. I guess it’s supposed to wick moisture away as well as keep the heat in. It’s super comfy too, but I wasn’t sure when I would get the chance to wear it. Then I get a hiking invite! I think my first response to that was “Oh Yay! I can wear my new top from Eddie Bauer!!” Yep, I’m invited on a hike and all I’m thinking about is what I’ll wear.


At the end of the hike we headed over to an overlook, and I told C I’d be taking pictures of her for my blog.  🙂


Considering it was maybe 30° outside, neither of us really got cold. Probably all the walking helped. But we also loaded up on layers which is definitely a must for doing this kind of activity in the winter. I put a wool vest on over my top and C wore a jacket over hers, which she had taken off before the camera came out. She also kept her ears all snuggly with a super cute ear warmer headband. But it’s always better to err on the side of caution and wear layers, even if you think you wont need them. The beautiful thing about layering up is that they can always be removed if you get hot, or put back on if you get cold.


Okay, that wraps this guy up. I’ve got anther post planned for tomorrow, but probably won’t have anything this weekend. You guys can definitely expect to hear from me next week though!

Vest: Murdoch’s (similar) / Top: Eddie Bauer (similar) / Tank: Target (same in different colors) / Leggings: Target (old, similar ) / Shoes: DSW (old, similar)

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