All Layered Up



Don’t you just love Colorado? One day it’s in the 70’s and way too warm for November, and the next it’s snowing.  Hopefully this colder weather will stick around for a while. I am a big fan of rain & snow and this warmer weather has not been fun for me.

Yesterday I was actually able to bundle up in layers and wear these awesome snow boots and not overheat. Aren’t they cute? I’ve wanted a pair of the popular L.L.Bean duck boots for a while, but I’m not a huge fan of the price. These are from Target, and make for a pretty good substitute.


I love this top from LOFT. It’s long-sleeved but super light weight so it’s great for layering. And this vest is great. I like the look of vests, but I don’t like it when they’re super puffy. I don’t need any extra bulk up there, ha! This one is super thin, but still nice and warm. I shall be getting a lot of use out of it this season, provided of course that the weather cooperates. 🙂

Top: LOFT (exact) / Vest: Old Navy (similar here and here) / Jeans: LOFT (similar here) / Boots: Target (exact) / Coat: Target (similar here and here) / Scarf: DSW (similar here and here)

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