Finally Sweater Weather


I wasn’t originally planning on doing a post today, but since the weather has finally decided to cooperate I just couldn’t resist blogging about this sweater and corduroy combo. I also brought out my nerd side for you guys complete with Hermione-esque big curly hair, glasses, and a TARDIS mug. You’re welcome.


I love corduroy. Always have. I remember having at least a couple pairs of corduroy pants as a kid. These wine-colored ones that I’m wearing are from LOFT and they’re so soft, they feel like velvet. I actually own five pairs of these in a variety of shades. You can never have too many. Corduroy is pretty easy to style, just substitute them for the jeans you’d usually throw on. If you don’t like mixing textures, you can pair them with a smoother sweater as I’ve done here as opposed to a thick cable knit sweater. I also love wearing them with my tall riding boots or even flats. They really are extremely versatile.


I’m in love with this sweater from Old Navy. It’s nice and loose, but not overly baggy to where you completely lose your figure. It’s also actually long enough to wear with leggings, which is something I know I shall be doing this season. It also comes in a lovely forest green that I would love to get my hands on.

Top: Old Navy (exact) / Pants: LOFT (this year’s styleΒ here) / Boots: DSW (exact) / Necklace: Charming Charlie

2 thoughts on “Finally Sweater Weather

  1. I’m not a big corduroy fan, but you rocked those pants! Cute color, and hey really jazz u the outfit. Your hair looks fabulous too πŸ™‚


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