Let’s Talk Print Mixing!

I think I’m going to make this post the first in a series where I give advice on how to try certain trends, color combinations, etc. I’m going to make it be a weekly thing, provided I don’t run out of ideas.

First up: Print Mixing!


Mixing prints is something that can instill fear into the hearts of many a fashionista, from the very novice to the very expert. One always dreads looking like a clown, more at home in the circus than the corner office. Although, if you feel inspired to go all out with bright colors and clashing patterns then I say go for it! In my opinion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. What’s most important is to  do what makes you feel comfortable. (Okay, so I actually have one hard and fast rule: when wearing leggings as pants, your top must be long enough to cover both your front and your behind. But I digress).

I myself stayed away from this trend for a long time and have only come to embrace it in the past couple of years or so. Now however I love it!


The easiest way I’ve found to get on board with this trend is to start with stripes. Stripes are like vanilla ice cream: they go with everything. Seriously! You can wear so many other prints with stripes that they’re practically a neutral. Leopard, plaid, floral, polka-dots, whatever. They all can be worn with stripes.

Try starting small. Wear a striped top with leopard print shoes, or with a plaid scarf as I’ve done here. You can keep the rest of your outfit more understated if you don’t want to feel like you’re going overboard. And don’t feel as if you need to stick to black & white stripes. Try it with different colors, or different stripe sizes. The sky’s the limit!

Once you feel comfortable with that, mix it up! (Ha. Mix it up. See what I did there?). Wear a striped top and a polka-dot skirt. Or maybe a floral skirt. Gingham is another good pattern that mixes well with just about anything. You can even do stripes on stripes! You can keep both prints small, or have one large and one small. If you don’t want to go wild with color, you can keep the patterns within the same color family. Or choose one color from one pattern and make the second be the same shade. And if you’re stumped for ideas just turn to the wonder that is Google. There are tons of lovely bloggers out there who are print mixing pros.

I hope after reading this you will feel more confident about trying out this trend. Now go forth and Happy Mixing!

Top: Target ( exact) / Jeans: Old Navy (similar here and here) / Shoes: DSW (same brand and very similar style here) / Scarf: Old, (similar here and here) / Upper Bracelet: Charming Charlie (similar herehere, and here) / Bottom Bracelet: Stella & Dot (similar here and here)



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Print Mixing!

  1. Cute outfit! I love the striped top with the plaid scarf! I’m definitely going to try this, thanks for the tip. I usually shy away from mixed prints, but your outfit looks great. I like that you kept the patterns simple, and the colors tie together well.


    • Thanks doll! I’m happy to help. I myself have yet to try wearing a different patterned top and bottom, BUT I have a super cute plaid skirt that I shall try it out with once the weather gets a little cooler.


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